|Three Sisters|

Opening night: May 30, 2018
Running time: 2 h 20 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 600—4500 rub.

Konstantin Bogomolov, director: Our production is a sincere attempt to make the text of Chekhov's play extremely snappy, extremely modern, extremely natural. We took the text with the actors for six months and studied it very carefully. At such immersion all symbolism of Three Sisters vanishes, and what is revealed instead is astonishing, finest, absolutely substantiated psychological structure. That's what draws me to the play. The reality of people living in the provincial military town, with all their natural and specific, situational manifestations of the human qualities: love, emotions, relationships. I hope in our production there will be no symbolism, there will be no abstraction, there will be no philosophizing. It will be very concrete, extremely mundane, and first of all, emotionally mundane, story of ordinary people."
Characters & Cast
Olga Prozorov
Aleksandra Rebenok,
Maria Prozorov
, Mariya Fomina
Irina Prozorov
Sofiya Ernst
Fyodor Kulygin
High School Teacher, Maria's husband
Kirill Vlasov
Alexander Vershinin
Lieutenant Colonel, battery commander
Dmitry Kulichkov
Nikolay Tousenbach
a Baron, Lieutenant
Darya Moroz
Vasily Solyony
Junior Captain
Evgeny Perevalov
Ivan Romanych Chebutykin
military doctor
Alexander Semchev, Igor Mirkurbanov
Andrey Prozorov
Kirill Trubetskoy
Natalia Ivanovna
his bride, then his wife
Olga Litvinova
caretaker from town hall
Artem Sokolov
Camera operators
Nadezhda Bushueva, Anton Orlov,