Woody Allen

|Husbands and Wives|

Stage adaptation byKonstantin Bogomolov

Opening night: June 14, 2017
Running time: 1 h 25 m
Ticket price range: 7505500 rub.
Konstantin Bogomolov ispresenting his own stage version ofthe famous Woody Allen's movie Husbands and Wivesonour Main Stage. Atypical dramedy,where the action moves from drama tocomedy and back todrama, this isastory ofhow meaningless and utterly impossible are any changes whatsoever.

Konstantin Bogomolov: “The plot might sound rather trivial: awell-doing couple suddenly decides todivorce. While all oftheir friends are puzzled bythe news atfirst, they soon come torealize that their own family lives are asstrained too.”
Set Designer
Larisa Lomakina
Lighting Designer
Aivar Salihov
Sound Designer
Valery Vasyukov
Stage Manager
Olga Roslyakova