Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Olga Barnet


(3.9.1951, ࠗ 25.6.2021, )

Graduated from the Theatre School named after B.Shchukin in1972(course ofA.Borisov) and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Played insuch performances as: “Dulcinea Tabosskaya“ (Mask), “The Blue Bird“ (Fairy), “Valentin and Valentina“ (Dean, Eugene), “Ivanov“ (Avdotya Nazarovna), “The Golovlevs“ (Lyubinka, Anninka), “Copper grandmother“ (Karamzina),“Sanctimonious persons' Kabala“ (Rivalle), “The Pit“ (Rovinskaya), “Woe from Wit“ (Countess-granddaughter), “Moscow Choir“ (Luba), “Three Sisters“(Olga), “Misha's anniversary“ (Mary), “And the light isshining from the dark” (Kakhovskaya), „U” (Elizaveta Sergeevna), „The Sacred Flame” (Mrs Tabret), „Professor ofliterature” (Varvara) and others.

Currently onthe stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre she plays in performances: „Copenhagen” byM.Freyna (Margaret Bor), „The Last Victim” byA.Ostrovsky (Glafira Firsovna), „Last error Mozart” byD.Minchenko (Teresa Salieri), „Hay fever” byN.Coward (Clara).

Inthe Moscow Theatre manage byO.Tabakov she plays Voinitskaya („Uncle Vanya”), Lady ( „The Adventures”, composed ofpoem byNikolai Gogol „Dead Souls”) and Marcelino („Crazy Day orThe Marriage ofFigaro”).

Acted insuch films as: „Solaris” directed byA.Tarkovsky (1972), “Time does not wait” directed byV.Chetverikov (1975), “Take-Off” directed byS.Kulish (1979), “The Black Triangle” directed byTarasov (1981), “The Hat” directed byL. Kvinikhidze (1981), “Stories from the Old Arbat” directed byS.Kulish (1982), “Romeo and Juliet” directed byA.Efros (1983) and others.