Nikita Panfilov


He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofI.Zolotovitsky and S.Zemtsov) in2006and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Asastudent, made his debut onthe stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre inthe role ofIkaros inthe performance “The Siege“ directed byE.Grishkovets.
Inaddition tothe “The Siege“, plays inperformances: “Amadeus“ (Salieri`s man-servant), “Representing avictim“ (Third Sailor inblack, Woman inaswiming-pool, Verkhushkin), “Kizhe“ (Officer), “The humpbacked little horse“ (Countrymen, Customer, Fishermen, Sheat-fish), “Don't part with your beloved“ (The entertainer, Nikulin), “Tartuffe” (Valere), „Ondine” (Chevalier Hans).

Played insuch performances as: „Last summer day” (Gena), „Tutish”, „The Seagull” (Yakov).

Acted insuch films as: „Aide ofLove”, „Rope ofSand”, „Stake onLife”,"Crack