Alexey Devotchenko


Merited Artist ofthe Russian Federation, winner ofthe Russian State Prize. In1990Devotchenko finished the Leningrad State Institute ofTheatre, Music and Film (acting class ofA.Katzman and L.Dodin).

He worked atYouth Theatre ofSt.Petersburg, Theatre for Children “Onthe Neva”, Lensovet Theatre, Theatre onLiteyny, Alexandrinski Theatre, Tovstonogov Grand Drama

Theatre, Maly Drama Theatre Theatre ofEurope.

Roles inTheatre

Youth Theatre ofSt.Petersburg: Holden Caulfield inDavid Salinger's The Catcher inthe Rye (director A.Andreyev); Porfiri Petrovich inDostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment; Prince inOscar Wilde's Happy Town Sonata (director G.Kozlov).

Maly Drama Theatre Theatre ofEurope: Fool inShakespeare's King Lear (director Lev Dodin).

Theatre onLiteyny: Schastlivtsev inAlexander Ostrovsky's The Forest (director G.Kozlov).

Alexandrinsky Theatre: Prince Alexi inF.Gorenstein's The Legend ofCzar Peter and His Murdered Son Alexi (director AGalibin); Kreisler inP.S.from Bandmaster Johannes Kreisler, His Author and Their Beloved Julia after H.-T.-A.Hoffman and W.-A.Mozart (director G.Kozlov). Khlestakov inNikolai Gogol's Government Inspector, Golyadkin Jr.; Dostoyevsky's The Double (Director V.Fokin). The Alexander Devotchenko Project (mono-plays): Sasha Cherny's Concert for aPiano and anActor; The Diary ofaProvincial inSt.Petersburg (director G.Kozlov); Epitaph; Songs ofthe Western Slavs; Pushkin. Theatre. Tragedy. Actor. (director V.Michelson).

Moscow Youth Theatre: Poprishchin inMadman's Notes after Dostoyevsky (director K.Ginkas).

Winner of“Golden Floodlight“ Prize (St.Petersburg) in„Best Male Part” nomination (Crime and Punishment, 1995) and “Best Duet ofActors” (P.S., The Forest, 1999).

Stanislavsky Prize for the role ofPorfiri Petrovich inCrime and Punishment (1995).

Works infilm: V.Ogorodnikov's The Barrack; Red Sky, Black Snow; A.Kotts's Convoy PQ-17; Y.Mamin's Never Think ofWhite Monkeys; A.German Jr.'s The Last Train; V.Bortko's St.Petersburg Gangsters.