Distinguished Artist of Russia

Natalia D. Zhuravleva


She graduated from The Moscow Art Theatre School in1959(class ofV.Stanicin)
Many years she worked in“Lenkom”. She has been atthe Moscow Tabakov Theatre since 1997, where her work includes: “The Last“ (Fedosjya), “The Loony“ (Aunt Shura), “Jokes“ (Vasuta), “Even aWise Man stumbles” (Fortuneteller), „The Love asmilitarism” (Grandmother), „The Father” (Wet nurse), „Every day isnot Sunday” (Feona).
Teaches actor's skill inthe Moscow Art Theatre School.
Oleg Tabakov about Natalia Zhuravleva:
Natalia Zhuravleva isthe daughter ofone ofmyfavourite actors Dmitry Zhuravlev, who besides was mytheatrical teacher. When Ienticed her from “Lenkom”, Ifirst ofall filled inavacant place ofnoble mother orthe nurse. But itturns out, that Natalia spreads human properties ofher roles all over our life. She takes care ofyoung, and worries about them. And she plays roles variously, ridiculously and touchingly. But she frets before first performances absolutely like actors.