Distinguished Artist of Russia

Sergey Desnickiy


He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1962(course ofG.Gerasimov and A.Karev) and in1964hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Played innumerous performances, among them: “The sixth ofJuly“ (Karelin), “Moscow Choir“ (Stanislav Gennadievich), “Barbarians“ (Monahov), “Old New Year“ (father-in-law, Ivan Adamych), „Zero” (Man, Lawyer), „Professor ofliterature” (Director ofgymnasium), „Tutish” (Sayfullo), etc.

Playing Count Franz Orsini-Rozenberg inthe performance „Amadeus” directed byM.Rozovsky.

Heworked asassistant director with B.Livanov and O.Yefremov.

In1990, together with his wife, actress Vera Desnitskaya, organized their own entreprise, which put three duet performance ( “The Lady with the Dog“ byA.Chekhov, “InParis” byI.Bunin and „The Master and Margarita” byM.Bulgakov).

Since 1991heisworking atthe Nikitsky Gate Theatre.

Since 1999heled bythe Memorial Chekhov Theatre inMelikhovo.