Fedor Lavrov


He graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (course ofV.Petrov) in1996. Since 2007 actor ofthe Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre. Played inthe performances: “Happy Soldier“ byN.Sadur (Leshka Shestakov), “Bella chao!“ byD.Privalov, “The Night before Christmas“ byN.Gogol (Tkach), “Two ofused ideals“ based onthe drama written byH.Ibsen “Rosmersholm“ (Peder Mortensgaard, Johannes Rosmer), “Perfect thief“ byY.Ivashkevich (Stefan). Plays Pavel in„Vassa Zheleznovza” byM.Gorky, Anton in„Merci” byI.Schpriz, „Summer ofthe one year” based onthe play byE.Thompson „OnGolden Pond”. Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov plays Clown inthe performance directed byK.Serebrennikov „OKOLONOLYA”. Made his debut onthe Moscow Art Theatre's Stage withthe role ofBehemoth („The Master and Margarita” byM.Bulgakov, directed byJ.Szasz). Inthe same year hewas accepted into the Moscow Art Theatre's troup. Laureate ofthe St.Petersburg Independent Actor Prize named after V.Strzhelchik (2008). Acted insuch films as: “Amerikanka” directed byV.Meshiev (1998), “Father and Son” directed byA.Sokurov (2003), “Nine Seven Seven” directed byN.Khomeriki (2006), “Paper Soldier” directed byA.German-Jr. (2008) and etc.