Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Vladimir L. Mashkov


He graduated from The Moscow Art Theatre School in1990(class ofO.Tabakov), and inthe same year hewas invited tothe Moscow Tabakov Theatre. His previous work consisted of: “Sailor's Silence “ (Abram Schwarz), “The Inspector“ (Governor ofatown), “The Myth about the Philanderer“ (Philanderer), “Mechanical Piano“ (Platonov), “Jokes” (Ivanovich, Ugarov).
Hestaged atthe Moscow Tabakov such performances as: „The Hour ofTriumph onlocal Time”, „Bumbarash”, „The Mortal trick”.
AtSatiricon Theatre hestaged „The Beggars' Opera”. Atthe Moscow Art Theatre 13.
His film work includes: “Limita“ and “Mum“ D.Yevstigneyev's, “Evenings near Moscow“ V.Todorovsky, “The American Daughter“ K.Shakhnazarov, “Two moon, three sun“ R.Balajan, “The Thief“ P.Chuhray, “The Russian Revolt“ A.Proshkin, “The Oligarch“ P.Lungin, and also several American films (one ofthem is“Behind Enemy Lines“). Heisthe director offilm “the Orphan Kazan“.
Hehas premiums: “Crystal Turandot“ and K.S.Stanislavsky's premium. Prizes for films: “Silver George“ for the best male role (“The Quickie“) the Prize for the best male role (“Thief“), the premium “Gold Oven” inacategory „the Best Actor” („The Thief”), premium „Nika” inacategory „the Best male role” („The Thief”); the Prize for the best male role atthe film-festival „Kinotavr”(„Limita”), aprize „the Dark-blue sail” atthe film-festival ofRussian cinema inSan-Rafael („Limita”), the prize „the Silver Star” MKF, „Young stars ofEurope” inGeneva („Limita”)
Oleg Tabakov about Vladimir Mashkov:
Volodya entered life and theatre, when healready knew disadvantages ofboth live and theatre. Hestarted hard; hewas expelled from the School, than hecame back. But his desire toact overcame everything. When heplayed old man Abram Schwarz inthe Galich's play, itbecame clear, that the Actor appeared. Hemakes his director's steps consistently and successfully, but Iregret, that heisnot enough occupied with actor's work. This isaloss both for the art and for him. Hehas very important roles not played byhim and abilities ofhis actor's talent not realized byhim. Isee him asZilov Vampilov's „The Duck hunting”, Isee him inrole ofSateen in„The Lower Depth”. Heshould play these. And all prizes and awards for direction will not escape anywhere. And also Iwould like tosay that Volodja Mashkov isnot the same ashis fans depict him. Isee the latent tenderness behind his hardness. And this isthe most important inhim.