Sergey Y. Shnirev


In 1993graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofA.Leont'ev) in1993and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre, where heheld until 2008.

Played insuch performances as: “Behind the Mirror“ (Lanskoy), “Ondine“ (Bertram), “The Storm“ (Boris), “Lesson for husbands“ (Waller), “Lesson for wives“ (Horace), “Boris Godunov“ (Fyodor), “Small Tragedies“ (Albert), “Woe from Wit“ (Molchalin), “Love inthe Crimea“ (Lenin), “Crime and Punishment” (Mikolka), „And the light isshining from the dark” (Stepa), „Cyrano deBergerac” (Christian deNevilet), „The Sacred Flame” (Maurice Tabret), „The light taste oftreason” (Victor).

Playing inperformances: „Oblomov” (Arkady), „Sonechka”, „Kreitser's Sonata” (Trukhachevsky, Shop-assistant).

Played inthe performance ofthe Moscow Theatre named after Yermolova „Ithank you forever” and enterprise performance „adangerous, dangerous, very dangerous” (staged bySergei Vinogradov).

Acted insuch films as: The Musketeers 20Years Later, “Woman inthe Wind“, “Summer ofLove“, “Onthe corner bythe Patriarch “, „Agape”, „Magic Portrait”, „Unspoken”, Impact Lotus 3: The Riddle ofthe Sphinx, “Detectives “, „Return ofMukhtar”, Return ofthe Titanic 2, “Trap for poltergeist“, “Castling“, “The secret guard“, „Worm”, „Noone except us”, „Marine Patrol”.