Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Nazarov


Graduated from the Theatre School named after M.Schepkin in1980(course ofV.Korshunova) and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Maly Theatre. Played insuch performances as: “Ardent Heart“ byAlexander Ostrovsky (Vasya Shustry), “Stone Flower“ (Danila-master), “Coast“ (Mezhenina), “The Wood Demon“ byA.Chekhov (Fedor Ivanovich).

Simultaneously, heworked inthe Theatre “Sphere”, where heplayed insuch performances as: „Goodbye, Gulsary” byCh.Aitmatov and E.Bachurin (Gulsary), „The Seagull” byA.Chekhov (Treplev), „Until the third roosters” byV.Shukshin (Ivan the Fool), „The Green Bird” byC.Gozzi (Tartagliena).

Since 1995, heworked atthe Central Academic Theatre ofRussian Army. Played insuch performances as: “Heart IsNot aStone“ byAlexander Ostrovsky (Erastus), “Much Ado About Nothing“ byW.Shakespeare (Benedict), “The Lower Depths” byM.Gorky (Satin),„ ” „Othello” byW.Shakespeare (Othello).

In2003hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. Playing inperformances: “Amadeus“ byP.Schaffer (Joseph II), “The Wood“ byA.Ostrovsky (Gennadii Neschastlivtsev), “The Petty Bourgeoises” byM.Gorky (Teterev), „Dance ofanAlbatross” byJ.Sibleyras (Thierry), “Nest ofthe Nobility” byI.Turgenev (Lemm).

Winner ofthe Theatre Award „Seagull” (2005) for the role ofGennadii Neschastlivtsev inthe performance “The Wood“ directed byK.Serebrennikov.

Inthe Moscow Theatre named after O.Tabakov busy inthe performance „Uncle Vanya” byA.Chekhov (Astrov).