Distinguished Artist of Russia

Anatoly Beliy


Graduated from the Theatre School named after M.Schepkin in1995(course ofN.Afonin).

Since 1998 anactor ofthe Moscow Theatre named after K.Stanislavsky, where hewas engaged in performances “The Taming ofthe Shrew“ directed byV.Mirzoyev; „Twelfth Night” directed byV.Mirzoyev.

Since 2003 anactor ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, where heplays Shervinsky in“The White Guards“ directed byS.Zhenovatch, Lear in“King Lear“ directed byT.Suzuki, Duncan in“Primadonnas“ directed byE.Pisarev, Katurian in“The Pillowman” directed byK.Serebrennikov. Played insuch performances as: „Playing the Victim”, „The Terrorism”, „The Seagull” (Trigorin).

In2003, for his role inthe performance “Prisoners spirits“ ofthe Center ofDrama and Directing, received the prize “Seagull“ inthe nomination “The Mask ofZorro”, and, together with his partners of the performance, him was received another „Seagull” inthe nomination „Synchronized swimming”. In2007hewas awarded the prize “Seagull“ inthe same two awards for the performance “The Pillowman“ ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Work inother theatres: “Some overt polaroid images“ directed byK.Serebrennikov inthe Moscow Theatre named after A.Pushkin; „Woe from Wit” directed byA.Menshikov, „Kitchen” directed byA.Menshikov, „Demon” directed byK.Serebrennikov inthe Partnership Theatre 814; “Romeo and Juliet“ directed byR.Sturua, Production Center “New Globe“

Acted insuch films as: “Taste ofmurder“ directed byA.Legchilov, “Mama” directed byD.Evstigneev, „Moscow” directed byV.Zeldovich, „Quiet pools” directed byE.Ryazanov, „Ordinary Days”, Kamenskaja-3 directed byY.Moroz, “Multiplying Grief“ directed byO.Fisenko, “Obsession” directed byS.Beloshnikov, „Wolfhound” directed byN.Lebedev