Alexander Y. Popov


(12.5.1964†ó 14.10.2019)

Graduate of†the Russian Academy of†Theatre Arts/GITIS (MFA in†Theatricology), he†joined Tabakov Studio Theatre in†1981†to†become its first Literary Manager and later Executive & Literary Director. †He†was an†apprentice at†the Moscow Art Theatre (1983-1985), and an†intern at†the Royal National Theatre in†London (1989) and at†the American Repertory Theatre in†Boston (1991). In†1990-91†Mr.†Popov co-produced The Acting Company/Tabakov Theatre touring exchange of†16†cities in†the USA and the former Soviet Union. In†1992†he†co-founded (with Oleg Tabakov) Stanislavsky Summer School in†Cambridge, MA, and remains its President. Mr.†Popov taught drama history at†Carnegie Mellon University (1993-1997), where he†was also Program Manager for the Graduate Acting Program, and at†the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at†Harvard (1997-2000) where he†was Administrative Director. In†2005†he†established ArtsLand Festival in†Boston showcasing European playwrights and directors. He†served as†Russian coordinator for The Ford Foundation Theatre Management Program (1991, 1993), and as†Project Director of†the USIA/The Soros Foundation'Arts in†Russia' project (1992). †In†2000-2003†he†was General Manager of†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. His translation credits include Ostrovsky's Diary of†a†Scoundrel (directed by†Oleg Tabakov in†Moscow in†1996†and produced by†Studio Six in†New York City in†2008), Copenhagen by†Michael Frayn and Beast on†the Moon by†Richard Kalinoski (currently playing at†the Moscow Art Theatre). His recent book, Against The Time: History of†a†Theatre Basement, was published in†Moscow in†2008. †Mr.†Popov was Executive Producer at†Stage Entertainment Russia, where his credits include†Mamma Mia! (2006) and Beauty and the Beast (2008). In†2010†he†has founded The Musical Theatre with Mikhail Shvydkoy, and has produced†Thirties Forever and The Embezzlers.†After working in†the commercial sector for almost 10†years, he†returned to†the Moscow Art Theatre as†Producer of†International Projects. He†is†also Associate Head of†Producing and Theatre Management at†the Moscow Art Theatre School.