Peoples Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR,

Otar V. Megvinetukhutsesy


Artist and Artistic Director ofthe Theatre named after K.Mardzhanishvili (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Hegraduated from the Rustaveli Theatre School (teachers D.Aleksidze, A.Vasadze, A.Khorava) in1954and was admitted tothe troupe ofthe Theatre named after K.Mardzhanishvili. The first important role was played in1955inthe performance “Exile” byV.Pshavela (Chonta). From 1967to1975. Artist ofthe Dramatic Theatre inthe city ofRustavi. In1975hereturned tothe Theatre named after K.Mardzhanishvili, and in1996became artistic director ofthis theatre.

Inhis repertoire: “The Lower Depths“ (Satin), “Much Ado About Nothing“ (Benedict),"Cyrano deBergerac (Cyrano), “Ahundred years inabirch grove“ (Nicholas I), “Hello toEveryone“ (Pirosmani), “Man ofLaMancha“ (Don Quixote), “Indictment“ (Tevdariani) byN.Dumbadze, “Oedipus the King” (Oedipus), „Provincial History” (Leo) byL.Roseby, „Night ofthe Iguana” (Shannon), „Othello” (Othello), „Khaki Adzba” (Udshush Emha) byL.Kiacheli, „Romulus the Great” (Romulus), „King Lear” (Lear).

In2001hewas invited tothe Moscow Art Theatre toperform the role ofKing Creon inthe performance “Antigona“, this ishis first role inthe Russian theatre and inRussian language.

Twice winner ofthe State Prize ofthe Georgian SSR.
Laureate International Film Festival inTokyo for Best Actor inthe film „Get Thee Out” directed byD.Astrachan (1991).
In2001won the Theatre Award “Seagull“ (nomination “The best dramatic role“) for his role inthe performance ofthe Moscow Art Theatre “Antigona“ and the prize “Idol“.

Acted insuch films as: “Fatima“, “Nice People“, “Who istosaddle the horse?“, “The Entreaty“, “Tariel Golua“, “Right hand ofthe great master“; “ANecklace for MyBeloved“, “Looking for anAntique City“; “Autumn Sun“, “Stealing the Moon“, “The Tree ofDesire“, “Coast“, “Hello toEveryone“, “Brother”, „Arena offurious”, „Whirlwind”; „Khareba and Gogi”, „Turandot ”; „Spiral”, „White Flags”, „Get Thee Out”, „Woman inthe sea”, „Katka and Shiz”; „Gypsy Island”, „Budulai, Whom No-one Waits For”, „Lullaby”, „Griboyedov Waltz”; „Shadows ofthe Past”; „Dear M”; „Antimoz Iverieli”; „Stuck inthe Middle”.