Distinguished Artist of Russia

Polina Medvedeva


She graduated from the ballet school and in1982 Moscow Art Theatre School (course ofO.Efremov).

In1985she was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Played inperformances: “Days ofthe Turbins“ (Elena), “Valentin and Valentina“ (Valentina), “Pearl Zinaida“ (Suzanne), “Echelon“ (Katya), “AGentle Creature“ (She), “The Cherry Orchard“ (Anya), “Moscow Choir“ (Olya), “Woe from Wit“ (Sophia Pavlovna), “The Ball bycandlelight“ (Margarita), “The Masquerade“ (Nina), “Beatles girlfriends” (Lucy), „AMidsummer Night's Dream” (Titania), „Three Sisters” (Irina), „Cyrano deBergerac” (Roxane), etc.

Now involved inthe performances ofthe Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre: „The New American” (Lena), „The Old-world Landowners” (Pulkheriya Ivanovna), “Ivanov” (Zinaida).

Inthe Pyotr Fomenko Studio plays the role ofAunt inthe performance „Hedda Gabler”.

Inthe Moscow Theatre managed byO.Tabakov has played inperformances: „Arcadia” (Lady Croom), „Synchron”(Sibilla), „AsILay Dying” (Cora Tull). Now playing the role ofAnna inthe performance „Under the blue sky.”