Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR

Kira Golovko


Actress ofthe Moscow Art Theatre since 1938.

Played inhalf ahundred performances, among them: “The Lower Depths“ (Natasha), “Last Days“ (Natalie Pushkin), “King Fyodor Ivanovich“ (Princess Mstislavskaya), “Ardent Heart“ (Parasha), “Difficult years“ (Anna Vyazemskaya), “The Wood“ (Aksusha), “Anna Karenina“ (Dolly), “The Last Victim“ (Ulia Tugina), “Three Sisters“ (Olga), „Mary Stuart” (Mary Stuart), „Death ofaSalesman” (Linda), „The house where wewere born” (Libuse), „Don Quixote isfighting” (Widow), „Enough Stupidity inEvery Wise Man” (Turusina), „Enemies” (Polina), „Valentin and Valentina” (Grandmother), „Tartuffe” (Madame Pernelle), „Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (Rene, 1988), “The Moscow Choir“ (Dora Abramovna), “The Rose Tattoo“ (Assunta), “Professor ofliterature“ (Kokovkina), “The Wood“ (Milonova), “Cat-and-Mouse“ (Adelaide Brunker).

Acted insuch films as: “Glinka“, „Sophia Perovskaya”, „Light ofRussia”, „First grader”, „Chairman”, „And there was evening and the morning?”, „War and Peace”,"Boris Godunov