Alexander V. Feklistov


He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1982(course ofO.Efremov), and was admitted tothe troupe.

Played insuch performances as: “Days ofthe Turbins“ (Mishlaevsky), “The Golovlevs“ (Petenka), “Sowewill win“ (Worker), “Collapse“ (Ninika), “The Rose Tattoo“ (The Salesman), “Ghosts Among Us“, „Volokolamsk Highway”, „Crazy”, „The Ball bycandlelight”, „Track”.

Inparallel with the work ofthe Moscow Art Theatre continued toexperiment, that begun inthe performance „Emigrants” byS.Mrozhek (performance byM.Mokeev, staged inthe Theatre-studio „Man”). In1988hejoined the Theatre-studio “Man“. Hewas one ofthe organizers ofthe Fifth Moscow Art Theatre School, where heplayed Arbenin in„The Masquerade” (1990). After closing the studio for some time worked inthe Moscow Theatre named after Stanislavsky (the role ofSancho Panza). In1993, inaTheatrical Agency “Bogis“ played inthe performance „N” (Antagonist Nijinsky), and in1994 inthe one actor performance “Bashmachkin“ based on„The Overcoat” byN.Gogol.

In1995hereturned tothe Moscow Art Theatre, where heplayed inthe performance “Love inthe Crimea” (Zakhedrinsky), and in2001resigned from the troupe.

Inthe Theatre “Satyricon“ playing inthe performance „The Servants and the snow”; inthe the Production Company managed byAnatoly Voropayev the role ofHusband inthe performance “Thick-soled boots“. Playing Claudius and Boris Godunov inthe performances “Hamlet“ and “Boris Godunov“ directed byPeter Stein.

Acted insuch films as: “Detachment,“ directed byA.Simonov, “Plumbum, orThe Dangerous Game“ directed byV.Abdrashitov, „The Feasts ofValtasar, orThe Night with Stalin” directed byY.Kara, „Broken Light” directed byV.Glagoleva, „Luna Park” directed byP.Loungin, „Moscow Parade” directed byI.Dykhovichny, „The Year ofaDog” directed byS.Aranovich.