Peoples Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the State Prizes of the USSR

Iya Savvina


(02 1936. 27 2011.)

She graduated from the Faculty ofJournalism ofthe Moscow State University in1958. Scenic activity began with the role ofLida Matysova inthe performance “Such Love” ofStudent Theatre ofthe Moscow State University.

1960 actress ofthe State Theatre named after Mossovet, where among her roles: Nora (“Nora“), Sonya ( “Petersburg Dreams“), Fairy ( “The Curious Savage“), Sasha Dushechkina („The Camp”), Masha („Leningrad Avenue”).

Creative partnership with such masters asFaina Ranevskaya and others, provided the material for her memoirs, which collected inthe book „Articles ofdifferent years” (1996).

Inthe Moscow Art Theatre came inFebruary 1979, but toparticipate inperformances start earlier. The first role Maria Lvovna (“Summerfolk”, 1977). Played: Viaznikova (“Feedback“), Mother (“Eldorado”), Galina ( „The Duck Hunt”, 1978), Polina Andreevna (“The Seagull”, 1980), Kollontai ( “Sowewill win!“), Milenina ( “The meeting ofthe Party Committee”), Vanya („Uncle Vanya”, 1985), Kaleria Feodorovna (“Silver Wedding“), Lizy (“Pearl Zinaida“), Lika („Moscow Choir”), Charlotte („The Cherry Orchard”, 1989), Zinaida Savishna (“Ivanov“), Khlestova (“Woe from Wit“), awoman Dasha (“ACry inahandful“), Kabanova ( “The Storm“), Anfisa ( “Three Sisters”), etc.

Now playing inperformances: „The New American” (Belyaeva), „Christmas Dreams” (Sofia Ivanovna), „Cat-and-Mouse” (Adelaide Brunker).

Laureate ofthe Higher Moscow Theatre Award „Crystal Turandot” for best female role ofthe theatrical season 1998/1999 the role ofSophia Ivanovna inthe performance “Christmas Dreams“ ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Acted insuch films as: “The Lady with the Dog“, “Someone IsRinging, Open the Door “, “Anna Karenina“, “The Story ofAsya Klyachina“, “ Two Comrades Were Serving“, “Subject for aShort Story“, “Experts Are Investigating“, “Romance ofLovers”, „Diary ofaSchool Director”, „The Nose”, „Open Book”, „Alien”, „The Garage”, „Tears Were Falling”, „Private Life”, „Extend, Extend, Fascination” and others.

Winner ofUSSR State Prizes (1983, for the role ofNatalia Ilinichna inthe film “Private Life”, 1990, for acentral role inthe film “The Story ofAsya Klyachina”).