Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Kashpur


Member ofthe Great Patriotic War. In1951-1956worked inthe Vladimir Regional Drama Theatre named after A.Lunacharsky.

Hegraduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1959(course ofB.Stanitsyn) and was adopted byatroupe ofthe Moscow Sovremennik Theatre.

In1961, heentered the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. Played insuch performances as: “The Kremlin chimes“ (Kazanok), “Isee the sun“ (Teacher), “Serious charge“ (Ivan Kapitonovich), “Dulcinea del Toboso“ (Sancho Panza), “Steelworkers“ (Van Vanych), “Old New year “(Vasya), “The Duck Hunt“ (Sayapin), “The Carriage“ (Judge),“The Golovlevs“ (Father), “Superfly“ (Zworykin), “Boris Godunov“ (Pimen), “Crime and Punishment“ ( Marmeladov), “The Storm“ (Shapkin), “And the light isshining from the dark“ (Joiner), „The Marriage” (Zhevakin), „Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (Just shoemaker), etc.

The roles ofthe current repertoire: Fedor („The White Guards”), Firs ( „The Cherry Orchard”), Mikhail Ivanovich („The New American”), Zakhar ( „Oblomov”).

Playing Pesotsky inthe Moscow Young Generation Theatre inthe performance „The Black Monk” directed byK.Ginkas.

Acted insuch films as: „Ballad ofaSoldier” directed byG.Chukhrai, „Jump atthe dawn of” directed byI.Lukinsky, „Time, forward!” directed byM.Schweitzer and S.Milkin, „The close distance” and „Wecan not predict?” directed byV.Koltsov, „Batallions Ask for Fire” directed byV.Chebotarev and A.Bogolyubov, „Lucky man” directed byI.Sheshukova, Cold Summer of1953 directed byA.Proshkin, “Taxi Blues“ and “The Marriage” directed byP.Lungin, „The Fatal Eggs” directed byS.Lomkin.