Distinguished Artist of Russia,

Dmitry Dyuzhev


Graduated from the Russian Academy ofTheatre Arts (course ofM.Zakharov). From 1999to2001heworked atthe Moscow Young Generation Theatre.

Playing apriest inthe performance “Boris Godunov“ and Sir Andrew inthe performance “Twelfth Night“ (directed byD.Donnellan, International Confederation ofTheatre Associations), Tybalt in„Romeo and Juliet” (directed byRobert Sturua, Production Center „Globus”).

In2006, hewas accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre. Playing inthe performance “Primadonnas“ (Jack) directed byE.Pisarev. For this role, hewas awarded the Theatre Award „Seagull” (2006). Also playing inthe performance “Nest ofthe Nobility” (Fyodor Lavretsky) directed byM.Brusnikina.

Acted insuch films as: 24hours; “Turkish march“; “April“; “Poisons orthe World History ofpoison“; “The Brigade“; “The Ark“; „Society Column ”; „Sonka the Golden Hand”; „Team”; „ Love ofgold”; „Dreaming isnot bad ”; Onthe corner near the Patriarch-3;“Motherland awaits“; “The Rider Named Death“; “Russian“; “Samara-town“; “Auditor“; “Dead Man's Bluff“;„ Hunter for icons”; „Antidur”; „Carambol”; „Idid not hurt”; „Island”; „Traveling with Pets”; You this I.