Distinguished Artsmaker of Russia, Distinguished Artist of Russia

Dmitry Brusnikin


Graduate ofthe Moscow Art Theatre School (1982Class ofOleg Yefremov) hewas invited tojoin the Moscow Art Theatre Company. His appearances includedThe Path(Alexander Ulyanov), Days ofthe Turbins(Alexey Turbin), Evgeny Bazarov (Bazarov), The Ball byCandlelight based onBulgakov's TheMaster and Margarita (Joshua and Voland), TheFriends (Maxim Gorky), Ivanov (Ivanov), Uncle Vanya (Astrov), Platonov (Platonov), Woe from Wit (Chatsky), Three Sisters (Andrey Prozorov), The Most Important Thing(Director ofthe Provincial Theatre), Zeroes (Limping brother Milosh), The Sacred Flame (Major Lyconda), The Return (Narrator), A Swift-Flowing River (He).

His current repertoire includes: The New American (Sergei),Home ofthe Gentry(Lemm), The Chrestomathy(The Message and the Messanger), The Drunks (Gustav); and his directing credits atthe Moscow Art Theatre arePlatonov, AHandful ofTears, The Storm, HeIsinArgentina.

Mr.Brusnikin has produced and directed such TVseries asChekhov & Co., Salomea (co-produced with Leonid Pchelkin), Moscow Criminal Police, Law and Order. More onhis film and TVcredits can befound here.

Dmitry has started teaching acting atthe Moscow Art Theatre School in1993, and enrolled his first class ofstudents in1999(together with Roman Kozak, his long-time collaborator and classmate.) This outstanding group ofstudents included Sergei Lazarev, Daria Moroz, Alexandra Ursulyak, Ekaterina Solomatina, Yuri Kvyatkovsky, Igor Khripunov among others. Hegraduated his second class in2007, and his production ofThe Untitled Play (Platonov)staged with that group won the Golden Leaf award for the best cast. Dmitry Brusnikin and Roman Kozak have selected their third class in2007. Dmitry Brusnikin isabout tograduate his fourth acting class in2015.

Mr.Brusnikin was promoted tofull professorship in2006and received the honorary title ofDistinguished ArtsmakerofRussian Federation in2009. In2013hewas the recipient ofthe Tabakov award for"Bringing Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, one ofthe deepest and most original playwrights ofmodern age, back onthe stage ofMoscow Art (He isinArgentina).