Distinguished Artist of Russia

Pavel Belozerov


Hegraduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1982(course ofO.Efremov). After serving inthe army, in1985, was adopted bythe troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre, where hewas held until 1999.

Played insuch performances as: “Days ofthe Turbins“ (Nikolka) directed byNikolai Skorik, “Round table under the lampshade“ (Kolya) directed byLeonid Heifetz, “Platonov“ (Vengerovich) directed byD.Brusnikin, “Ivanov“ (Dr.Lvov) directed byOleg Efremov, “The Cherry Orchard“ (Epikhodov) directed byOleg Efremov, “Sanctimonious persons' Kabala“ (Lagrange) directed byA.Shapiro, “Pearl Zinaida“ (Aladyin) directed byOleg Efremov, “The Masquerade“ (Stranger) byNikolay Shaiko, „Love inthe Crimea” (Seykin) directed byR.Kozak, „The most important” (Director ofaprovincial theatre) directed byR.Kozak, and others.

After leaving ofthe theatre actively worked intheatrical enterprise asanactor and producer.
Performances: „The contract for the murder”, „The Ghosts”, „Little frauds ofthe big city”, „Bad Family”, „Family honor ofthe Woosters”, „The Scandals” and others.

In2004hereturned tothe Moscow Art Theatre asanassistant art director towork with the troupe, in2005, was appointed tothe head ofrepertory department.