Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation

Victor Sergachev


He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1956(course ofA.Massal'sky).

In1956-1957. worked atthe Central Red Army Theatre.

Hewas one ofthe founders ofthe Moscow Sovremennik Theatre. Played insuch performances as: “The Naked King“ (Minister oftender feelings), “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“ (Wednesday), “Traditional collection“ (Pavel Kozin), “The Lower Depths“ (Kletsch), “Decembrists“ (Nikita Muravyov), “The Bolsheviks” (Tsuryupa), „Cyrano deBergerac” (Comte Antoine deGuiche), „Look Back inAnger” (Jimmy Porter).

Hewas director ofperformances (together with O.Efremov): „Two colors” byA.Zack and I.Kuznetsov, „Searching for ajoy” byV.Rozov, „Look Back inAnger” byJ.Osborne.

In1971hejoined the Moscow Art Theatre, where heplayed insuch performances as: “Old New Year“ (Father-in-law), “Copper-grandmother“ (Benckendorf), “The Seagull“ (Medvedenko), “Ivanov“ (Shabelsky), “Uncle Vanya“ (Telegin), “The Cherry Orchard“ (Firs), “The Uncle's Dream“ (Prince), “Woe from Wit” (Zagoretsky), „Boris Godunov” (The Patriarch), „The Moscow Choir” (Michal Mihalich), „Barbarians” (Dr.Makarov), „Mrs. Warren's Profession” (Pastor), „Zero” (Pastor), „Tutish” (Lutfullo), „Sanctimonious persons' Kabala” (Just shormaker).

In1996inthe Moscow Art Theatre heset his own dramatization of“Crime and Punishment“ byDostoevsky and performed the role ofthe Author and Porphiry Petrovich.

Playing inperformances: “The White Guards” (Maxim), „The New American” (Moker).

Heacted inmore than 60films, among them: “The Dirk” (1954), “Time, Forward!“, “The Ugly Story“, “Three Fat Men“, „Three Poplars atPlyuschika”, „Nest ofthe Nobility”, „The Dirk” ( 1973), “This Merry Planet“, “The Bonus“, “Ivan and Marya“, „The Lost Expedition”, „Golden River”, „Dead Souls” (1984), “The Invisible Man“, “Sitting onthe Golden Porch“, “The Gray Wolves”, „Jermak”, „Bremen Town Musicians and Co”, etc.