Patrick Süskind

|The Double Bass|

A tragifarce

Opening night: March 1, 2014
Running time: 2 h
Ticket price range: 3005000 rub.
Gleb Cherepanov, the director:"Our production isabout the seizure oftalent and shallowing ofthe soul. Self deluding, engaging inbusiness you have noaffinity to, being surrounded bypeople you have nothing incommon with, that isliving someone else's life, isthe worst possible crime. Sometimes this may lead totragic consequences Ofcourse, our production isdedicated tomusic, and there isnothing above music asfar the character ofKonstantin Khabensky isconcerned. That said, there will belittle tonomusic inour production. However there will beplenty ofsound ofmost different and unexpected kind.

Itiseasy tocall the stage version ofThe Double Bass byPatrick Süskind aone-man show, but the creative team israther you don't, since Konstantin Khabensky will not bealone onstage. The director and the actor were aiming toget away from the monologue, from the bookish take that aperformer mastering ahuge array oftext inevitably would fall into. Although there isnot much staged choreography inthis production, the idea was topresent The Double Bass through physical action inastyle ofgrotesque and tragifarce, clear without words, asifinasilent film. The story isbeing told inatightly sealed space, not allowing for direct conversation with the audience. Nikolai Simonov isemploying great advantages that the MXAT Main Stage has tooffer, utilizing various mechanisms, and much more. The world ofthe Double Bass Player issecluded, stuffy, and impenetrable. His home isalso asound-proof recording studio, where the outside noise should not penetrate. Here, inside his artificial world, everything hetouches can come tolife, can make sounds and become anobject for him toplay with inhis solitude. There isasurprise awaiting the audience atthe finale when the action takes somewhat adifferent path than written byPatrick Süskind.
Translated into Russian by
Nina Litvinets
Directed by
Gleb Cherepanov
Set Designer
Nikolai Simonov
Costume Designer
Maria Danilova
Lighting Designer
Aivar Salihov
Stage Manager
Lyudmila Sushkova
ass. director
Olga Lipskaya
Characters & Cast
Solo on Double Bass
Konstantin Khabenskiy
Featured in the production
Olga Voronina