William Shakespeare


A Tragedy

Opening night: April 18, 2016
Running time: 2 h
Ticket price range: 2002500 rub.
Lifesbut awalking shadow, apoor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then isheard nomore. Itisatale
Told byanidiot, full ofsound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

William Shakespeare. Macbeth Act V, Scene 5, Page 2
Translated from English by
Yuriy Korneev
Directed by
Jan Klata
Set, costume and lighting deisgn by
Justyna Łagowska
Dominika Knapik
Assistant Director
Dmitry Gotsdiner
Dramaturg, Project Coordinator
Agnieszka Piotrowska
Characters & Cast
Lady Macbeth
Igor Hripunov
Banquo, Spirit of Banquo
Danil Steklov
Sergeant, Lennox, Lady Macduff
Artyom Volobuev
Sergeant, Ross, Son to Macduff
Alexander Usov
Duncan, The Murderer, The Doctor
Roza Khairullina
Menteth, The Gatekeeper, The Murderer, The Doctor, Seyton
Denis Burgazliev
Sergeant, Angus
Ruslan Bratov
The Soldiers
students of Oleg Tabakov Theatre College
Cameramen on Stage
Artem Panchyk
Cameramen on Stage
Vladimir Panchyk