Sirkku Peltola

|GransWellington Foxtrot|

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Presented aspart ofthe Finnish Theatre. First Time inRussianseries

Davide Giovanzana, Director:
The play portrays two parents, Moonika and Veini, who despite the domestic tranquillity inwhich they live, are somewhat clueless when itcomes tounderstand their children, Janita and Tarmo, orthe wider world that exists outside oftheir house depicted bythe Teacher and the Policeman. During the course ofthe play, this external world and the childrensreality slowly begin torevel themselves tothe parents. However Moonika and Veini are unable toreally grasp the true nature ofwhat they are seeing. Infact through out their marriage they have surrounded themselves with astrange and absurd wall ofhappiness with which toprotect themselves from any such revelations.

Behind the story filled with the uncanny Finnish humour, the play wonders whether itismore constructive toremain inthe warm and reassuring cocoon oflies that onestell tohimself orrather toface the disturbing and destructive truth.

All projects presented aspart ofthe First Time inRussianseries are free admission. They are not full productions, but awork-in-progress stage readings. One ofour purposes inproducing those projects istofeel the audience reaction, and get the feedback from our patrons. Weinvite regular theatregoers and explorers toemail usand put your name onthe waiting list. Wewill beable tohonor 70guests for each performance onthe'first come first served' basis.
Translated from Finnish by
Anna Sidorova, Aleksandra Belikova
Directed by
Davide Giovanzana
Set Design by
Elena Zykova
Music Director
Alena Khovanskaya
Stage Movement by
Sergey Medvedev
Stage Manager
Natalya Nikolaeva
Video Design by
Alexey Subbotin
Konstantin Gatsalov, Alena Khovanskaya, Larisa Kokoeva, Valery Malinin, Rostislav Lavrentiev, Yana Davidenko, Anastasia Skorik, Oleg Mazurov, Arina Avtushenko, Grigory Trapeznikov, Georgy Kovalev