Anatoly Kurchatkin

|The sun was shining|

Opening night: March 29, 2005
Running time: 3 h, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 100350 rub.
Brief rate ofthe newest history. Last decade XXcenturies. Disintegration ofthe USSR, putsch, “hot points”, the seige ofthe White House, adefault, the beginning ofTV-monopoly and show business, custom-made murders. All this isabackground for the history ofyoung and talented provincial Sasha who has arrived after army toconquer Moscow.
Costume designer
Svetlana Kalinina
Lighting designer
Maria Belozertseva
Music design
Alena Khovanskaya
Andrey Sergievsky
Assistant director
Olga Roslyakova
Characters & Cast
Uliayn and Terentiev
Alexey Agapov
Evgeny Savinkov
Arnold and Baran's director
Roman Grechishkin
Fedya and Baran
Dmitry Kulichkov
Ura Sadok and Lenya Finko
Maxim Matveev
The hunter
Denis Bobyshev
Itsolda Ottovna
Elena Lemeshko
The presenter
Alena Khovanskaya