Istvan Orkeny


Opening night: December 30, 2004
Running time: 2 h 30 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 200500 rub.
Aspeople say, the youth brings tothe person much more flours, rather than anold age when there isalready nochoice. Itispossible tolive easy with believe init. And itispossible tolive: tochoose, tolove, tojealous, tocall Him atthe nights, attracting onitself the anger ofHis mum, toargue, tosuffer and tobehappy. And itdoesn't matter, how many wars you have gone through
The play offamous Hungarian playwright Istvan Erken “Cat-and-mouse” (1963) had agreat success intheatres all over the world. InUSSR the popularity ofthis play was sobig, that in1978was carried out the festival where the scenic interpretations ofthe play had been presented. AtMoscow Art Theatre “Cats-and-mouse” iscarried out for the first time.
Yuri Yeremin
Costume designer
Elena Afanasieva
Assistant director
Alexandra Kulybina
Characters & Cast
Erji Orban
Nina Gulyaeva
Nina Kilimnik
Adelaide Brunker
Iya Savvina, Raisa Maksimova
Victor Chermleny
Valery Khlevinskiy