Ludmila Ulitskaya


Theatre version ofatale

Opening night: September 30, 2002
Running time: 2 h 40 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 250 rub.
The stories ofLudmila Ulitskaya won arecognition onthe native land and abroad long time ago, representing inaworthy manner modern Russian prose.
In1996author received Medici's French premium, and in2001her novel “Kazus Kukotskogo“ was recognized asthe best literary work ofyear, and sopremium Smirnoff-Booker for the first time felt into female hands.
The story “Sonechka”, written toagenre ofthe family chronicle, isahistory oflove and separation, female happiness and bitter years ofloneliness, pleasure ofaunification and apain oftreason. And the main thing isthat inadelicate and clever narration about destiny ofthe ordinary person wecan read history ofour country, social mode, history ofthe left century.
„Sonechka's” statement isfirst attempt ofascenic embodiment ofthe story.
Costume designer
Svetlana Litvinova
Lighting designer
Maria Belozertseva
Music design
Alena Khovanskaya
Andrey Sergievsky
Assistant director
Natalia Koltsova