Edmond Rostand

|Cyrano deBergerac|

The heroic comedy intwo acts

Opening night: October 1, 2000
Running time: 1 h 35 m
Ticket price range: 0 rub.
The destiny can beunfair tothe talented person atall times. Ifitgrants abrilliant mind and alight soul, itdeprives him ofanexternal attraction. Cyrano deBergerac has fascinated lady bylacy weaving ofwords and nobleness. But she, frightened byhis long ugly nose, prefers anempty, silly handsome man. Fight, towhich Cyrano goes, isafight for love.
Yury Ihenvald
Stage director
Oleg Efremov
Set designer
Costume director
Maria Danilova
Lighting director
Damir Ismagilov
Assistant director
Olga Roslyakova, Natalia Koltsova
Characters & Cast
Cyrano de Bergerac
Victor Gvozditskiy
Christian de Neuvillette
Sergey Shnirev
Earl de Guiche
Stanislav Lubshin
Capitan de Carbon de Castel-Jaloux
Sergey Sazontiev
Marquis de Valvert
Pavel Vashchilin
The Citizens
students of the MXAT School