Evgeny Schwartz

|The Dragon|

Opening night: February 10, 2017
Running time: 1 h 45 m
Ticket price range: 3505000 rub.
The production isbased onThe Dragon,the famous play byEvgeny Schwartz.

Not about authorities Not about love Not about money


rose color being better than black;
anight being brighter than aday;
madness being the best solution ifthere isnothing tobedone;
one head being good and three heads being bad;
all uneed islove;
love isall uneed;
nobody knows who needs itand why.

the best thing for girls ismodesty and transparent dress.

Asthe result:

the best songs
igniting dancing
superb actors
incredible sincerity
daunting openness
subtle severeness

inthe new production ofThe Dragon.
Set Design by
Larisa Lomakina
Lighting Design by
Ivan Vinogradov
Sound Design by
Valery Vasyukov