Michael Frayn


Play intwo acts

Opening night: February 25, 2003
Running time: 2 h 50 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 3501500 rub.
Michael Frayn isfamous in3areas: journalism, literature and drama. InRussia healso famous asagreat interpreter ofRussian classics, first ofall Chekhov. Michael Frayn's witty plays with constant success are onattheatres all over the world. InRussia such success accompanied with statement ofthe play “ Noises off “. The style ofMichael Frayn isinthe mix ofintellectual tension, interest and lambent humor. One ofcompatriots ofthe playwright has noticed, that “owing toMichael Frayn's plays, the English theatre became more wisely, more fairly, more safely and interesting“.The basic event ofthe play „Copenhagen” isaprivate meeting ofoutstanding physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, happened atthe height ofthe Second World War and influenced not only ondevelopment ofascience, but also onarrangement ofconflicting political forces ofthe world.The participants ofameeting even after their „ physical death ” try tounderstand sense ofthe appointment, which have happened inthe past. Frayn has written the drama duel with his special philosophical humour.
Translation from English
Zoya Anderson
Stage Adaptation
Alexander Popov
Mindaugas Karbauskis
Set Designer
Alexander Borovsky
Costume Designer
Svetlana Kalinina
Lighting Designer
Damir Ismagilov
Stage Manager
Lubov Zabolonskaya
Characters & Cast
Niels Bohr
Oleg Tabakov
Margaret Bohr
Olga Barnet
Werner Heisenberg
Boris Plotnikov