|The Last Sacrifice|

Play intwo parts

Opening night: December 15, 2003
Running time: 2 h 50 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 3003000 rub.
The action period inthis production ismoved into the beginning ofthe 20th century with its refined moderne style, “new” businessmen, noisy clubs and cinema being the new fashionableentertainment. Here life appears inall its magnificent and exciting multitude. One thing that nonetheless remains unchanged atall times isthe tight knot ofhuman lives where the love and treachery, passion and lucre, cold math and impeccable fidelity are intertwined forever.
Directed by
Yuri Yeremin
Set Designer
Valery Fomin
Costume Designer
Svetlana Kalinina
Lighting Designer
Vladislav Vlasov
Video Design
Music Design
Dmitry Skripchenko
Stage Managers
Olga Roslyakova
Characters & Cast
Julia Pavlovna Tugina
a young widow
Marina Zudina
Frol Fedulych Pribitkov
a very rich merchant
Oleg Tabakov
Vadim Grigorievich Dulchin
a young man
Sergey Kolesnikov, Maxim Matveev
Glafira Firsovna
Yulia's aunt
Olga Barnet
Lavr Mironich Pribitkov
Flor Fedulych's nephew
Valery Khlevinskiy
Irina Lavrovna
his dauther
Dariya Yurskaya
Luka Gerasimich Dergachev
a friend of Dulchin
Avangard Leontyev, Roman Kirillov
Yulia's old key keeper
Natalia Zhuravleva, Nina Gulyaeva
Frol Fedulych's man
Igor Petrov, Oleg Mazurov, Pavel Vashchilin
in the merchant's club
Andrey Davydov
Cloakroom Attendant
Victor Kulukhin