|The Bright Way. 19.17|

Opening night: November 2, 2017
Running time: 2 h 30 m, with one intermission
Ticket price range: 2503000 rub.
In 2014young actor, Alexander Molochnikov, burst into the theatre world with his production of19:14 (dedicated tothe Centennial ofWW1), that hehimself conceived from beginning toend. Three years later, Molochnikov & Co. present aproduction directly related tothe events ofOctober 1917. The production focuses onthe centennial ofthe Russian Revolution, but not inthe sense ofglorifying it, orasanapotheosis ofit. 25-year-old director works with the myth ofrevolutionary utopia, and with the texts emerged because ofthis myth inRussian and worldwide culture. This isagenerational production, amessage from those born inthe nineties, who studied from textbooks where the Great October has already been dubbed a coup. Both contextually, and formally this production represents those who are sometimes referred toasthe unwhipped generation. The Bright Way. 1917 ishard todepict inone sentence ortoexplain using arigid definition. One has towatch it, and watch asadvised bythe philosopher: donot cry, donot laugh, donot hate, but dograsp.
Production of
Alexander Molochnikov
With script contributions by
Andrey Zolotaryov
Costume Design by
Tatyana Dolmatovskaya
Lighting Design by
Alexander Sivaev
Lyrics by
Andrey Rodionov
Composer and Music Director
Igor Vdovin
Polina Pshindina
Video Art by
Aleksey Shemyatovsky
Video Editing by
Aleksey Egorov, Igor Baydak
Stage Combat Coach
Vyacheslav Ribakov
Lidia Sokolova
Stage Manager
Olga Lipskaya, Dariya Nestratova
Olga Khenkina
Chevengur,afilm based onthe works byAndrei Platonov, featuring:
Boris Plotnikov, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Evgeni Sytyi, Evgeni Perevalov, Artyom Sokolov,Alexey Kirsanov, Andrey Fomin, Ivan Dergachov, Rostislav Lavrentiev, Veronika Timofeeva, Valentina Ivanova, Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko, Angelica Nemirovich-Danchenko, Igor Vdovin, Mikhail Skaldin, Kirill Vlasov, Alexey Korshunov, Alyona Markunskaya, Arina Markunskaya, Lev Markunsky

Script and Direction byAlexander Molochnikov
Camera byLevan Kapanadze
Sound Design bySergei Kurbatov, Anastasia Dushina
Edited byNatalia Kucherenko