|The Siege|

Opening night: October 6, 2003
Running time: 2 h
Ticket price range: 5001000 rub.
“The siege” isaquite modern history made byyoung people who sharply feels life. Performance iscreated byamethod ofcollective improvisation, soall actors are co-authors of the play.
Those who will come tolook ours play, will see fine, hazardous actors, graceful modern scenography, they will listen toawonderful alive music.
And iftodefine the maintenance ofperformance shortly, it's about war".
Evgenii Grishkovets
Set designer
Larisa Lomakina
Lighting designer
Damir Ismagilov
Music design
Elena Grishkovets
Assistant director
Natalia Koltsova, Lyudmila Sushkova