Alexander Molochnikov production

Opening night: December 19, 2015
Running time: 2 h
Ticket price range: 7002000 rub.
Rebels isanew production byAlexander Molochnikov, whose directorial debut with the production of19.14last year earned high regards among critics and the audience. Inhis new work Molochnikov issharing his views onRussia, its culture and its heroes. All our lines offortune our phobias, hopes, horrors, the ways oflife and problem solving bythe way ofblood and noose all come together into ahumongous trash. Violence, slavery, pride, meanness, treachery, the people, the heroes ofRussian classics, prominent scholar Yuri Lotman, and Russian rock star Boris Grebenschikov, popular TVShow The Music Ring and Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Molochnikov:"In our production everything isemerging from the music ofdifferent times and iscoming back toit. Rebels isboth the rock show and the journey into the recent history. Itisarock show, and itmatters. The music here isthe driving force that glues together this patchy spectacle comprised ofcolorful bits and pieces that intentionally have nothing incommon. Although some characters here bear famous names Lopatin, Perovskaya, Nechaev, Pestel, Pushkin, Kakhovsky they all are fruits ofimagination that act according tothe laws ofslumberland. The Decembrists, the PeoplesFreedom, The Music Ring TVshow during perestroika, Russian rock and punk culture the idea was tobring them all together inakind ofjam session, animprov onthe rebellion. The rebellion asanattitude. The rebellion that isdesperate and beautiful. The rebellion that isnext tobetrayal. The rebellion that iscoming close toabetrayal. Some rebels went reaching out topeople, got disillusioned and have died invain. That isone ofour storylines. The other has todowith the Russian rock culture. Rebels ofthe late 20th century, they also have vanished invain.

Based on the idea by
Alexander Molochnikov, Sr.
Written and directed by
Alexander Molochnikov
Script co-author for Veranda scene
Alexander Arkhipov
Script co-author for Swtzerland, Lopatin's Circle, Nicholas I / Nechaev, and The Ball scenes
Michael Idov
Set Designer
Nikolai Simonov
Costume Designer
Maria Danilova
Lighting Designer
Narek Tumanyan
Composer and Music Director
Igor Vdovin
Stage Manager
Olga Lipskaya